This New Study Reveals What Women Really Think About Facial Hair

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Some not great news for straight guys who have really full beards: a new study has found that close to 40 percent of women prefer a man to be clean shaven.

The research, conducted by BodyLogicMD (a nationwide network of medical practices specializing in hormone replacement therapy), asked 1,000 men and women all across America for their honest thoughts about facial hair. As it turns out, 38.4% of women like guys with no facial hair at all—and only 17.4% like a full beard.

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This doesn’t bode well for the majority of guys in the States right now: the study also found that 62% of American men sport some kind of facial hair. Combine that with the resounding cultural narrative that beards are super desirable, and it’s no surprise that guys who can’t grow beards are feeling left out. One in five of the guys whose faces can’t accommodate a full covering of scruff say they feel less masculine because of it. A full fifth of all men, beard growing or not, think that having more facial hair would give them more dating opportunities.

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That said, no beard is perfect, and even guys who can grow thick, Brock O’Hurn-level soup strainers complain about them. Close to 66% of guys with beards aren’t totally satisfied, either because they’re too patchy, not thick enough, or don’t grow as long as they would like. Forget about the grass being greener on the other side: it’s more like the beard is always bushier on the next guy.

Take a look at the full study here.

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