New Year’s Eve Advice From Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer


As you rush to close out the final day of 2013, New Year’s Eve is probably the main thing on your mind. What are you doing? What are you wearing? What are your resolutions? We spoke with Bill Hemmer, the host of Fox News Channel’s “All-American New Year,” about what we can expect to see on TV tonight, what will be going down in the NYE capital of the word (Times Square), and how to ring in 2014 in style.

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Men’s FitnessWhat can we expect to see on this year’s New Year’s Eve show?

Bill Hemmer: We will be out there for two and a half hours, assembled among the masses. These people have been within barricades for hours. You have to really want it to go to Times Square on New Years Eve, but I find that for most Americans, and for a lot of people around the world, it’s not really the New Year unless they get a piece of Times Square. Until they see the celebration, until they see the crowds gathered. It’s still the centerpiece for action on New Years Eve. We’re going to have a really great show, we’ve got some good music lined up, some great reporters and terrific guests to help us ring in the New Year. Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be my wingman. She’s our newest Fox colleague so it’s like your right of passage, this is your ritual. 

For all those people celebrating out in the cold, what should should they be wearing?

They wear as much as they can to suit the moment. We’ve had a very cold December. The rules for the people that gather there is that once you’re in, you stay. There’s no food, there’s no drink, there’s no bathroom breaks. So you’ve got to want it in order to wait that many hours.

Let’s say you’re not doing the Times Square thing. Do you have any advice for what someone should wear to, say, a dinner party?

Well, I think New Year’s Eve is a time in everyone’s life where we turn a page and start a new chapter of sorts. You mark that period in your life, stop and reflect on the previous months, then you quickly move toward what you want to accomplish for the next year. Wear what’s comfortable. Wear what you feel like is a way to welcome a new chapter in your life. If that’s a tuxedo, then go for it. I will not be wearing a tuxedo.

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What will you be wearing for New Years Eve?

I have a game plan. We’ll see 24 to 48 hours out. The most effective strategy I’ve found is that people use these hand warmers and these foot warmers. I’m not a fan. But I am a fan of body warmers. You put on a t-shirt first, then the body warmers go on the front of your chest and on your back. Honestly, it keeps your core toasty. So, if you need that, if it’s going to be a chilly night, it’s the one bit of advice for people who are trying survive the conditions. I’ve already purchased mine because they sell out quickly.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

I haven’t come up with one yet. I’m not a big fan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I haven’t given it enough thought just yet. I always want to be more productive in the New Year and always want to give back to people around me, but I think everybody feels that way, too. I have great optimism in 2014.

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Do you have anything you’re looking forward to in 2014?

In particular, no. I just find that December is such a long month. It turns into a marathon for people all across the country, especially people living in New York. It’s good to just put the month behind you. I would also say that when you’re in Times Square, you have those digits – 2, 0, 1, 3 – and when the last digit changes at midnight, it’s pretty remarkable. When you see 2014 for the first time, it’s quite a moment. I welcome that sight.