No Time to Shower? Here Are 5 Grooming Products to Keep You Fresh.

Man on his way to work, holding gym bag, after exercising

In a best-case scenario, you’ve scheduled your day around a morning shower. The same goes for your workout. Even a quick rinse keeps oil, grime, and odor in check, preserving your complexion, reputation, and comfort.

Sometimes, though, there’s just no time. You overslept, you ran late, you didn’t pay the water bill…we get it.

Whatever it is that’s keeping you from a cleaning, don’t stress: You can still get fresh with the right lineup of products. Here are five options to stash in your gym bag, your car, or your desk to keep you smelling and looking good all day—even if the gym ran out of hot water.

1. Pack a couple wipes

The best thing you can do for yourself—and anyone in a five-foot radius—is to store some body wipes in your desk. And while a lot of people only associate wipes with *ahem* personal care (it is smart to get some on-the-go packets for your next camping trip), there are wipes engineered to cleanse your body and face as well. Stash some Yes to Men’s Cleansing Wipes for a quick full-body scrub down, and some Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin in one simple stroke.

They’re also ideal for a post-lunch pick me up if you ate anything spicy, or for a post-workout detox if you’re not going to shower immediately. Try to use them right after the workout, before the sweat clogs your pores.

2. Spray some dry shampoo

The truth is, you probably don’t need to shampoo every day, since it can strip your hair of the natural oils that make it healthy. (That’s why your hair is so dry, and your haircut so shrub-like, after you wash it—it’s void of any natural hydration.)

A great investment for those in-between wash days is dry shampoo. It’s also a miracle worker if you wake up and don’t have time to shower before hustling out the door for the day. Dry shampoo sucks up all the excess grease in your hair, but without stripping it entirely of moisture. Thus, it keeps hair healthier longer, adding volume and stylability while saving you precious time. But try to (regular) shampoo every two or three days regardless, and always try to rinse your hair daily, to flush away any additional product and oil buildup.

3. Mattify while you moisturize

You might be skipping the shower, but you can’t skip your grooming regimen altogether. The next step: A moisturizer that’ll freshen up your face without making you look shiny.

If you’re many hours (or a whole day) away from the next face wash, you’ll need a moisturizer that packs a couple extra benefits—one that masks any signs of tiredness and keeps you looking alert. For this, grab a lightly tinted moisturizer that blends seamlessly into your skin. It’ll even out your skin tone, smooth over dark spots and tired eyes, and will minimize shine for the latter half of the day—that’s the “mattifying” part.

4. Deodorize (everywhere) with antiperspirant spray

A lot of people choose to avoid antiperspirants, since they’re made with aluminum. (We can’t blame you for not wanting to put that on your body.) Typically, though, most of those people are showering daily, and B.O. buildup isn’t really on their list of concerns.

If you don’t have the time to wash away your own filth, you might consider an all-over, break-glass-in-case-of-emergency antiperspirant spray. You can spray it just about everywhere: your pits, your back, or your upper thighs (best to avoid your bits, though). Our suggestion: AXE Urban Dry Spray Antiperspirant blocks sweat (and thus, body odor) for up to 48 hours. But seriously, try to take a shower before those 48 hours are up. And there are better ways to keep your junk fresh and dry.

5. Prevent swampiness with body powder

Powder is perhaps the best antiperspirant, but it’s obviously not something you can apply mess-free to your armpits or back. Instead, sprinkle it into your socks and underwear before you get dressed, patting it against your skin for full coverage in those damper-than-most places. The powder absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry and odorless. Some, like Jack Black’s Dry-Down Friction-Free Powder, even leave a refreshing scent and tingle in their wake. Best of all, the moisture absorption also minimizes any chafing to your legs and groin, sparing you the agony of irritation.

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