Office Hottie: Exploits

Office Hottie: Exploits

From the sultry secretaries of the 1950s to today’s alpha women, Office Hotties have driven the men of corporate America wild. Every once in a while, one of those men returns the favor, giving the OH an affair to remember. More often, guys think they’re making progress with the OH when she really couldn’t pick them out of a lineup.

So how might a male colleague delude himself into thinking he and the OH are carrying on a secret flirtation that will lead to incendiary sex? Simple. He thinks about that time at the meeting when she laughed at his dumb joke (she was just taking pity on him) or the casual way she touched his forearm in the kitchen (he was standing between her and the coffee machine). Show me a man who thinks he’s hooked the OH, and I’ll show you one so blinded he’s forgotten that the OH is, by her very nature, practically unhookable.

But there’s hope: Just because your boys have failed doesn’t mean you can’t find bliss with an OH. Just be realistic. Will you find love with this woman, prompting her to leave her ways behind to become your very own House Hottie? Not likely. Could you maybe entice her to kick it with you for a few months and have some fun, then let her go back into the wild? Definitely.

Remember: You’ll know if we want you. Subtlety is for the guys we don’t want. No matter what, play it cool. Because there’s nothing we OHs like better than a great big challenge.

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