Office Hottie: Holiday Bonus

Office Hottie: Holiday Bonus

Winter offers a surefire way for you to snag a working girl: the company holiday party. Think about it. All year long, you and a certain co-worker (or two) have undoubtedly been eying each other like mutts at the dog park, but you’ve been unable to act on it. Now, here’s your chance. You’re all sauced up and looking your best.

This does not, however, mean you can come to the shindig gameless. And believe me, I’ve seen gamelessness, and it always goes awry. Like the time three of my closest office girlfriends and I were hanging out at the bar during a gig, and a guy we’d all had our eye on made it clear he had his eye on us, too. All of us, that is; he hit on each girl with the same drunken, too-close talking and come-hither look, working his way down the bar like he was at a buffet. Not the best way to make a girl feel special. Needless to say, he went home hungry that night.

But that’s the beauty of a holiday party: Anything is possible. And for the most part, all is usually forgiven come Monday. That’s why it’s worth trying your luck. Even that drunkard recovered. The next year, he surprised everyone, showing up at the party suited and booted, and turning on some genuine charm. By the end of the night, he had all of us—including the boss’s wife— giggling like schoolgirls. He made enough dates that night to last him the whole New Year. And so can you. Just consider it my wish for you this holiday season

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