Office Hottie: How to Manage


Well, before you do anything, hit your knees and thank your lucky stars. Then, please resist that incredible urge to call everybody you know and brag that you bagged the OH first. The surefire way to get cut off from the OH is by involving all the big-mouths at work. Chances are she has her share of haters in the office, and now that you’re her man, the greeneyed monster could turn its hateration to you, too. So, play it cool and keep your budding romance as sheltered as possible until you know you’re both in it for real. Then it’s a good idea to let a select few—maybe your boss and your closest coworker—in on your, uh, merger. That way you can’t later be accused of hiding anything, and the hottie will know you’re serious about her.

Once things have settled, follow OH Relationship Rule No. 1: Don’t bring your drama to the office. Play with your hottie wherever you want—at, on, under your desk—but keep the serious stuff at home. As you know by now, JJ’s not at all opposed to the odd clandestine visit to the closet, but when things go awry it can become a major problem. And if it turns out your OH is a real tyrant who can’t keep her emotions in check (some of us just can’t), back out the minute you find out. It may be the only way you’ll keep your livelihood—and your manhood—intact.

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