Men's Journal

Our 3 Favorite Multitasking Grooming Products

 Photograph by Shana Novak

You wouldn’t use a shampoo as a face wash or a moisturizer as a hair gel — but maybe you should. “We’ve been programmed to require separate cleansers for face and scalp,” says Jeremy B. Green, a Miami-based dermatologist, but you don’t need a million things in your gym bag or shower. With the right ingredients, a product can work well for hair, face, and body. For example, a cleanser with a hydrating ingredient like coconut oil can pull triple duty, providing enough slip for a shave, purging dirt without drying, and giving hair a thorough clean. And a face moisturizer with an emollient like shea butter can double as a styling tool for your hair or beard. “Softening your beard and the skin underneath with a moisturizer helps a beard grow better and look healthier,” says Oscar Blandi, the New York grooming specialist who has tamed Jimmy Fallon’s mop. Here, we’ve made things even simpler by finding three products that, together, are all you need to look your best.