Our Favorite Work Pants for Commuters and Travelers

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When it comes to workwear, looking good and feeling comfortable have always competed, especially during the hottest months of the year. If your life involves commuting, whether by foot, bike, or public transportation, staying both stylish and comfortable is even tougher.

We’ve found the solution. It’s called the Commuter Pant ($129) and it’s from Rhone, a company better known for its workout gear. Rhone isn’t just for your workout anymore, though, as they steadily move into the workplace with these pants that look good enough for the office, as long as it’s a work environment that doesn’t require a full-on suit. They’re are so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re in yoga pants or your pajamas. Seriously. They look great with a button-down shirt and unstructured blazer and come in both black and navy colorways. And they’re great for biking to work.

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Made from a Japanese stretch polyester blend, but these pants thankfully don’t have that shiny weird poly appearance. They look like a nice pair of work pants, but include all kinds of thoughtful design elements: articulated knees, a gusset at the crotch, and mesh pockets that help with breathability.

And that’s what makes The Commuter a great long-distance travel pant as well. There’s no need to dress like a slob when you’re on the road or in the air, and Rhone’s pants are the perfect solution. They’re not prone to wrinkling and along with the other features we’ve already mentioned, have a secret zippered back pocket to keep your wallet safe, and a special pocket in front that fits your smartphone or other electronic device. We’re sold on them.


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