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Outerknown and Levi’s Just Launched a Truly Sustainable Denim Collection


It’s been a while now since the word “sustainability” left the phase of being a trendy buzzword and became something people live by. Which might be why the new partnership between Levi’s and Kelly Slater’s sustainable brand Outerknown feels so appealing right now.

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This week, the two brands announced that they’d partnered to create some truly responsible denim products, using Outerknown’s manufacturing standards, which protect and give back to the people who make the company’s products, and Levi’s Wellthread program. (Launched in 2015, Wellthread products use long staple Supima cotton grown in the United States, use less water than traditional denim, and allows for the entire product—including buttons, labels, and snaps—to be recycled.) The collection includes a sherpa-lined trucker jacket, an unlined trucker jacket, and two pairs of 511 slim fit jeans (one in gray, and another in Levi’s signature indigo shade).

“We believe that, ultimately, it takes more than one company to make a difference,” said Paul Dillinger, VP and head of global product innovation at Levi’s. “Working together with Outerknown with the goal to move the apparel industry forward is a huge opportunity and step in the right direction for sustainable apparel.”

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The collection will be sold through Outerknown’s website, on, and select retailers around the world. And if you don’t get your hands on any of the products below, fret not: both companies have said this won’t be the last time they work together.