Ovadia+ Workout Gear Gets Put to the Ultimate Strength Test

Christopher Fenimore

Being active is no longer just an hour you schedule for the gym — it's become a lifestyle. Menswear designers are increasingly making sure your investment offers both design and active function. At the same time, sportswear brands are elevating their designs to push the sweat-breaking limits and keep you looking sharp. The most comfortable clothes you wear were probably tested at the gym — and now have evolved for both work(out) and play.

"If you look good, you will feel good — all else follows," says Brian Trunzo, co-owner of Carson Street Clothiers. "Men are starting to import that mentality into other areas of their lives, from grooming to athletics." Trunzo enlisted the brawn behind Soho Strength Lab to put Ovadia & Sons's new activewear line Ovadia+ through the wringer.

"A good workout can make or break your day," says Dariusz Stankiewicz, Performance Coach of Soho Strength Lab. "Don't let average fitness gear play a part in determining the outcome — I put their jogger pants to the test with almost every movement in our arsenal."

Ovadia+ designs are minimal but strong, with special details like nylon paneling, innovative fabrics and rubberized zippers. And like its parent brand, the clothing quality is high. It uses innovative performance fabrics that are light, moisture-wicking, water-repelling, and are designed with the intention that it can be worn throughout the day. "I need activewear that lasts, looks good, feels good, and performs well," says Albert Matheny, co-owner of SSL, who wore it while working out on the rings. "Dirty gym shirts are never in style."

"We wanted clothing for an active lifestyle, not necessarily just for the gym," adds Ariel Ovadia, designer of Ovadia & Sons. "We had pieces in our main collection with athletic influence — Ovadia+ is a natural extension of the brand."

"No one is built like a mannequin. We are men," Trunzo adds. "We are former football players, cyclists, yoga enthusiasts — it's about performance. The better the gear, the better your workouts will be. For dual purpose, lose the tee after the workout and pair your track pants with an oxford button down, or throw on a MA-1 bomber."

Ovadia+ offers impactful understated designs from a jacket made from a lightweight nylon to joggers, raglan tees, and comfortable everyday performance blend zipper hoodies. "In general, I wear fitness clothes the majority of the time. I love being comfortable," says Joey Percia, SSL Personal Trainer and Performance Coach. "It's great when fitness clothes aren't as loud and take on a more casual clothing approach."

Soho Strength Lab Stay Fit Workout

Walkouts x10
Goblet squats x10
General stretches 

Front squat 4×8 reps, effort level 8.5/10
Deadlift 5×3 reps, effort level 8.5/10
Ring Pull-ups 4x 6 choose a weight where 6 reps is 1 less than failure
Push-ups 4x 10 body weight to 1 less than failure, 3 seconds down, 1 second up
Weighted Planks 4x 0-90lbs for 30second 

General stretches

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