Peter Kim: the Harley-riding Badass Who Invented Your Favorite Jeans


Peter Kim once tested a prototype pair of jeans by wearing them to the Long Beach Grand Prix, where he tried to vault over a barricade from the pit onto the track.

Bad idea.

“I lifted my leg up to jump, but the fabric was so stiff, my knees smashed into the concrete, I flipped over onto the track, and all I could think was, ‘Oh, crap.’”

So it’s no surprise that Kim—who founded the Los Angeles–based Hudson Jeans in 2002—is weaving flexibility into his denim. “Stretch is the biggest thing for me right now,” he says.

It’s not just the cloth that sets Hudson apart, he insists—it’s the brand’s passionately anti-BS culture. “For example, our moto-style jean needs to be an authentic piece, because a lot of us here ride motorcycles”—in his case, a rebuilt ’99 Harley-Davidson FXR.

Which means he crafts jeans for guys who live like he does, “constantly in the gym, doing MMA, rock climbing, surfing as much as possible.”

His next denim test? “I’ve thought about running a marathon in them.”

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