Pick Cotton Over Polyester to Prevent B.O.

Pits will thank you main

For those of you who kill it in the gym, sweating like a pig is inevitable. But smelling like one is not. One way to stop odor in its tracks: pick cotton workout clothes. A new Belgian study has confirmed that the fabric traps less odor-causing bacteria than polyester. 

Researchers of Ghent University asked 26 athletes to take an hour-long spin class and hand in their shirts at the end. Study participants wore polyester, cotton, or poly-blend t-shirts.

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After the workout shirts were incubated for a day (so microbes could grow), they were analyzed for various strains of bacteria. The researchers concluded that a big culprit of BO is Micrococci, a strain of odor-causing bacteria that likes to cling to polyester in particular. 

To keep cool and prevent stank, pick cotton. Your pits will thank you.

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