Power Laces Have Finally Arrived: The Digitsole Smart Sneaker

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Back in October, Nike unveiled their self-lacing Mag shoes that were featured in Back To The Future II. Geeks (and sneakerheads) went pretty crazy about it, though excitement dampened once realization came that the brand would only be putting up one pair for auction in Spring 2016. But this week's Consumer Electronics Show has brought that excitement back.

Come September, tech company Digitsole will bring their Smartshoe to market. The three styles available (futuristic sneaker, casual leather trainer, and a heel for women) are Bluetooth enabled and boast way more than just a self-tightening mechanism.

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Imagine this: the chill has set in and you've got a busy day ahead of you. You slide on a pair of these tech-savvy duds (though the leather trainer is more pragmatic, we can't shake the cool factor of the automobile-inspired futuristic sneaker) and let them tighten to your needs. You're making your rounds and find yourself standing outside for much longer than anticipated. While generally you might have to resort to stomping your feet to get the blood pumping into your toes, the Smartshoe comes heated with a temperature gauge that's managed through your phone. Needing sauna temperatures in there? You can go all the way up to 110 degrees, according to the company.

As the day begins to wane and the sun begins to set, stumbling around in the dark or using the flashlight on your phone even becomes an activity of the pass. This footwear features an LED on the toe perfect for lighting the way. And when you've finally finished all the draining work you have to do? Check just how much exercise you got in over the day with the built-in fitness tracker that records distance, calories, and steps, all available via the app. Add all of that to the shock absorption in the sneakers and wireless charging available throughout, and it's definitely the most comprehensive wearable tech we've seen lately.

Sure, $450 is a lot of money for a pair of shoes that come short of doing the walking for you, but we all know how this goes. In a few years when the technology becomes more commonplace, these should be as affordable as a new pair of Chucks.

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