The Protein Fart-Proof Pants

Photo: Shreddies

Pile more beans onto your plate gentlemen, because now you can “Fart With Confidence,” which is the motto for UK-based clothing brand, Shreddies, who just launched clothing for men and women that prevent your fart odors from letting loose.

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According to their website, “the average person passes wind 14 times per day,” so they created underwear, pajamas, and jeans infused with a carbon lining that absorbs the odor, defuses it, and prevents any gas from getting away.
Research from De Montfort University explains this fabric “was found to remove sulphide and ethyl mercaptan so effectively that it can filter odours 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission.”

What’s more? The products are stylish. Standard blue jeans you can wear during any occasion make the $150 well worth it. Now all you have to is figure out how to keep your farts quiet.

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