This $10 Lip Balm Is the Best Way to Keep Your Lips From Cracking This Winter

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Courtesy of Recipe for Men

In a lot of ways, the best grooming products are the ones you’re actually going to use, and after years of sampling the various different lip balm options on the market, I’ve settled on the one I’ll be turning to this winter to combat dry, cracked lips.

Recipe for Men’s Super Smooth Lip Balm lives up to its name: it is super smooth. It comes in one of those tubes that you have to squeeze so a little bit of the balm oozes onto a plastic applicator. I’m not a microbiologist or anything, but somehow these types of lip balms have always felt a lot more sanitary than, say, digging your finger into a metal tin or rubbing the solid balm from a cylindrical tube onto your mouth.

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The product itself? Near perfect. It’s made from a blend of shea butter and beeswax, so it both hydrates your lips and protects them from cold, dry air. (There’s also a little menthol in the formula, meaning you get a small jolt of refreshment with every application.) It’s not particularly greasy, so it won’t turn your lips glossy the way some balms can, but you do notice it’s there. That might have something to do with its staying power: On a recent day, I applied a little in the morning, drank two cups of coffee and lots of water, and didn’t feel like I had to reapply until after I reached the summit of a mountainous kale salad at lunchtime.

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One of the reasons it might be so good is that Recipe, the Swedish brand that makes it, was founded by three guys who, at the beginning of their business, knew more about skiing than they did about how to run a company. Mikael Snabb, Jesper Matsch, and Jesper Rönnbäck (a legitimate winter sports champion), set about finding a way to combat the kind of sun-damaged, dry skin you can experience after a day on the slopes.

And even though it’s made by a Swedish brand, it’s available pretty much anywhere in the digital sphere men’s grooming products are sold. Get your tube now—and never worry about having gummy, shiny lips again.


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