Retro-Cool Sunglasses

 Tom Schierlitz

When it’s time to select eye protection for the morning commute or weekend trips to the country, consider the classics. “There are an amazing number of options now,” says David Rose, a designer for Salt Optics. “But I think the ones with longevity are those doing versions of classics – frames that will be relevant 10 years from now.” So if you’re not hitting the pond, pavement, or par four, opt for the retro look before you head out the front door.

Sunglasses purists are probably already on the hunt for Vintage Persols like the 69262 aviators from the eighties, pictured, top [$750,]. Style fiends, seek out these 1960s to 1990s models for their unique, never-reissued design and hefty, hand-built-in-Italy quality, not to mention mineral-glass lenses. Though the original lenses give the glasses serious vintage cred, they scratch and smash easily, so you’ll need to treat them with care. They also aren’t polarized, so if you need modern sport glasses that perform, go with the Kaenon Burny, pictured, middle [$229,]. They’re designed to be worn in the harshest of conditions and have a retro-ish throwback shape, but they don’t suffer from the overaggressive wraparound style that’s been a plague on sport sunglasses of late. If you want to go more classic, pick up the Randolph Engineering Crew Chief, pictured, bottom [$139,], traditional alloy-framed aviators that are lightweight but built to U.S. military and NASA specs, and have been around since Reagan was in office.