Rhone Has Your New Favorite Running Jacket For The Fall

Relay Jacket

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The Fall is here but that doesn’t mean it is time to stop going for a run. Why would that be? If anything, it is a better time than ever to go jogging. There is no crazy overbearing heat to burn the skin and raise the risk of heatstroke. School is in session so there won’t be as many bodies out during the day. Now that the days are getting a little chilly, it’s perfect running weather.

But just because it is perfect weather to running, that doesn’t mean there won’t be those moments when someone is about and about where it may be a little too chilly. Pre-run when the body hasn’t heated up and post-run when the body is slick with sweat, making the body feel even colder than it did before the run. So a good, lightweight jacket made to be worn out during a run is going to be needed.

Just because a jacket is going to be needed for a run doesn’t mean that it needs to look cheap and unappealing. Why not get a jacket that can withstand a run but can also be worn out afterward with friends? Well, there’s plenty of jackets that can handle that double duty, but one of the best out in the game is the Relay Jacket over at Rhone.

Relay Jacket

One just needs to look at the Relay Jacket to see how perfect it is for a good run. There is no muss or fuss when it comes to the design of this item. It looks like a classic piece of outerwear, with an all-black fabric design. There is a little design within that makes it feel a bit more unique than something that could be bought for $5 at a thrift shop. When it is zipped up it has that white stripe that runs up it to give it a little pop.

The fabric that the Relay Jacket is made with is temperature managing, so the body won’t overheat when running or get too cold when it is time to just walk around. It also is moisture managing, where the sweat that will acrue won’t stink the jacket up and will make any rain encountered by less of a hassle than it otherwise would have been. And it is made with a mesh vent so it breathes a lot easier to make a run a lot more comfortable.

A jacket made for running need not be an ugly piece of clothing. Something like the Relay Jacket proves that. This jacket is perfect for plenty of scenarios in life. Go out for a run with and meet up with friends afterward without worrying too much to worry about. It is a sleek looking piece of fashion that will go well with any kind of outfit that a man can wear out in a social scenario. This jacket may cost a little bit more than some of the cheaper ones that can be found at other outlets. But a jacket like this gives each owner plenty of bang for their buck. So before the winter is here, grab a coat like this and make a run a more fashionable experience.

Get It: Pick up the Relay Jacket ($118) at Rhone.

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