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As much as Russell Westbrook is known for his fearlessness on the basketball court, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard is just as known for his fearless sense of fashion. From his lensless glasses to cut-off shirts and skinny pants, Westbrook’s willingness to push the fashion envelope has built him into a style maven.

Unfortunately, a knee injury has sidelined him for this NBA season, so he won’t take part in the All-Star Game festivities this weekend in New Orleans, but Westbrook is still making the rounds. Most recently, he joined up with Subway, where one of the NBA’s most fashion-forward players was asked to “dress up” some sandwiches for local patrons in Los Angeles. Although he was busy at the counter, he did find some time to talk to us about his off-the-court style.

Men’s Fitness: We’ve seen you featured some other magazines and you’ve earned yourself the label of style icon. Where does your sense of style and fashion come from?

Russell Westbrook: My mother. She always did a great job of dressing me well growing up. Now that I’m older and I have my own style, I really just do what works for me. It was something that was just a part of me. It’s not forced. It’s just how I feel. I get ideas from coattails, colors that I see. It could be anything–a carpet, artwork, a painting. I take ideas from how colors are put together. It’s just anything that I like

MF: If I went into your closet what would I see the most of?

RW: Everything. I definitely have a lot of pants.

MF:  You’ve developed a bit of a reputation for your affinity for skinny pants. How important is “fit” when it comes to men’s style?

RW: I think it’s about how you feel and the confidence you have in yourself. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or whatever you feel good in. It’s just about having that confidence in yourself and what you’re wearing.

MF: Excluding yourself, who’s the best-dressed person in the NBA, and why?

RW: I’d have to go with my teammates, Kevin Durant and Serge [Ikaba].

MF: You’ve been pretty low-key this season, what’s something that people don’t know about Russell Westbrook?

RW: I’m a neat freak. I like to make sure that things are neat and clean and have a certain order.

MF: Describe the philosophy behind your motto: “Why not?”

RW: That’s how I grew up. What I knew growing up. It’s why do this. Why not become what you are. Why not do whatever you want to do in life.

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