Savalé — The Accessible Limited Luxury Footwear Brand


You carry the box inside, gently place it on the kitchen table, and start to peel back the postal wrapping revealing the custom-designed black box. You eagerly open it while anticipating the fresh smell of newly assembled luxury footwear made from the highest-grade materials. Pulling the top open reveals a numbered limited-edition card, shoehorn and two perfectly snug, custom shoe-bags that double as wine bags.

You toss your run-of-the-mill worn-down shoes aside, slip on your brand-new Savalés and stroll to the bedroom’s full-length mirror. They feel like heaven and the refined details exceed expectations; there isn’t anything quite like a pair of Savalés. The best part is that you could buy them and still pull off a classy date night later in the week.

Customers love their Savalé’s for more than the accessible luxury experience; they are extremely comfortable too — and the limited number of quantities means you will most likely be the only one at the party with that pair. Co-founder Alphonzo Rawls and his partners successfully created a luxury footwear experience.

About the Designer Alphonzo Rawls

As Alphonzo Rawls came up in the ranks as a professional skateboarder gracing the covers of TransWorld SKATEboarding and Thrasher Magazine in the 1990s. “Design was always an important influence on me, and I was approached in 1995 by a startup footwear brand that offered me a signature shoe. I decided this is something that I want to move forward with after my skateboarding career,” said Alphonzo.

A few years later, DC Shoes invited Alphonzo to work as a head designer — “through that experience, I was afforded the opportunity to design for other brands.” Over the next 25 years, he ended up designing for over 30 different footwear brands.

Rawl’s designs eventually became so well known that Louis Vuitton sought his shoe design prowess for their luxury footwear line. After working with the company for a few years, Alphonzo Rawls wanted to translate his experience into a more approachable luxury footwear brand. He partnered up with a couple of other outstanding partners to create Savalé.

About Savalé

The founders of Savalé wanted to create a sense of scarcity and intrigue, in addition to accessible limited luxury.

Alphonzo Rawls got to work designing and perfecting the brand’s voice — and the San Diego based, luxury footwear brand, Savalé was born. Its “mission is to create an authentic limited footwear experience, where every design tells a story,” Savalé brand story.

The story behind Savalé is almost as impressive as its luxurious, comfortable and affordable limited-edition footwear. The company name is becoming popular worldwide as the brand continues to gain recognition for its high-quality footwear. Get on board and live your best footwear life with Savalé today!

Where to Find Your Savalés

Right now, Alphonzo and his team are offering the Glover, Sisero, Cavell, Pascal, Moonrun, Harmann, Breeze, Maritime and Seika editions in various colorways and materials. Check out how the Seika looks in bone.

Available exclusively online, Savalé has a range of limited styles that can suit almost everyone’s needs. So, if you are looking for a personalized luxury experience, visit Savalé today!

Written in Partnership with Amir Bakian

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