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'Little America' Backpack HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO.

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Every guy needs a bag to travel around with. Something to carry all their things in, so their pants pockets aren’t uncomfortably filled up. Going to work or heading out with the guys. Sometimes there’s just too much stuff on hand to comfortably carry around without a bag.

Bags tend to get beat up. Travel is not easy and bags take the brunt of it. So it isn’t all that weird for men to be on the lookout for a new bag. A bag doesn’t have to be the height of style but it doesn’t hurt if it is.

Nordstrom has bags within their stock. And Nordstrom is nothing if not top to bottom high style. So there are plenty of bags within that any man would be happy to grab and own. But there is a bag that has to be at the top of the list for the price it is going for. And that is the Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America’ Backpack.

Herschel Supply Co. 'Little America' Backpack

There is nothing about the Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America’ Backpack that makes it some out-of-this-world item. It isn’t an item with some new high tech features within it or whatnot. It is great simply for how well it is put together and how great it looks.

One look and the Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America’ Backpack is obviously a great looking bag. It has a classic look to it. Made with that black cotton blend and highlighted with the brown straps, it looks like an old school backpack. But it doesn’t look like something that would fit in a high school photo, there is a little more of a grown up sensibility to it. It’s the lack of zippers that helps to make it look more for adults than other backpacks.

Again, the Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America’ Backpack is not some product redefining piece of material. It is at its core a backpack. But it’s well made. The material it is made with helps to make it durable for those trips out. The straps are well made and will keep the bag closed securely, with no need to worry about it popping open during a walk.

It has plenty of pockets to store stuff in, like a laptop or some books. This backpack is weatherproof also so these annoyingly heavy Autumn rains won’t destroy anything contained in that bag. And it will fit comfortably on the back of any guy with those adjustable straps.

There isn’t always a need to spend a ton of money on a backpack. But when one as good looking and reliable as this one pops up on sale, why not? The Herschel Supply Co. ‘Little America’ Backpack is a classic. Nothing too much that will make it age poorly. It is timeless and will fit perfectly on any guys back. So while supplies last over at Nordstrom, pick this up and save big.

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