Save a Ton on This Suede Bomber Jacket at Quince Right Now

Bomber Jacket

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Fall fashion is all the rage now. Makes sense, since the Summer has ended and we are in the Fall. Funny how that works. But with the changing of the times, we need to make sure our fashion can handle the chill that will be in the air for the next handful of months. And this Suede Bomber Jacket from Quince is perfect for any guy’s Fall fashion needs.

Quince is a great resource for any guy looking to pick up some new clothing. Not just because the items within the store are made at a high level of quality with equal levels of comfort and style. But because the pricing is just too good to pass up. When you try on this Bomber Jacket, you will be stunned at how much it cost you.

Bomber Jacket

As we indicated above, this Bomber Jacket is made with Suede. Real goat suede leather that makes you look like a million bucks when you put it on. It’s got a simple, sleek look to it that goes well with any outfit you pair it with this Fall. That earthy brown look just screams Fall and you will be thankful you got it when you look at yourself in the mirror with it on.

While this may not be great on its own for a brutal winter’s night, it is very good for the Fall. It’s lightweight so it doesn’t feel like a burden to wear. But that suede outer and poly satin lining helps to keep you nice and warm when the Fall winds are a blowing. This is the kind of jacket that every guy should have hanging in their closet.

Best of all is that it can be hanging in your closet in no time and for a great low price. That’s just the Quince way. We’ve got one ourselves and we love it so much. So pick up a Bomber Jacket right now and make sure you are ready to style and profile all Autumn long.

Get It: Pick up the Bomber Jacket ($150; was $448) at Quince

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