Save $$$ Now


1.) Stock up during supermarket sales

“Get as many of your favorites as will keep without going bad,” says Gregory Karp, a financial columnist and author of Living Rich by Spending Smart. Wise shopping can cut your bill by 20%.

Savings: $50


2.) Increase your auto insurance deductibles.

Assuming you’ve already shopped around for the best rate (which many people haven’t), it’s time to up your deductible ($1,000 a car is good, if you’re not already there). You don’t really want to submit smaller claims to your insurer anyway, says Karp, because they can cause your premium to skyrocket.

Savings for two cars: $40


3.) Stop buying bottled water

“This is the biggest waste of money ever,” says Karp. “get the fanciest, coolest reusable bottle you can find. You’ll still save money.”

Savings: $52


4.) Downgrade your cable plan

We’d never suggest that you cancel your DVR service, but chances are you spend most of your time watching network and basic cable, so drop the full service and premium channels. And try to think of HD service as a luxury, not a necessity.

Savings: $48


5.) Rediscover the library

If you’re spending $14 a month on a Netflix subscription and $25 on a new book every month, it’s time to dig up your library card (or get one!). Movies, music, and books are all free at your local library, and many now let you request stuff online.

Savings: $39


6.) Switch to a prepaid cell phone

Most guys make lots of calls but don’t use many minutes. You may be better off buying a prepaid cell. You can keep your number, and it will cost you less than $10 a month.

Savings: $80


7.) Use bargain printer ink

The quality might not be as good, but if you’re just printing out directions or emails, who cares?

Savings: $55


8.) Cancel your landline

Now that cell phones have full 911 service, most people have no need for a home phone. If you still want to feel connected without your cell, try Vonage or a product called Magic Jack, which works through your Internet connection and provides a phone line with all the extras for $20 a year. Otherwise, cut the cord.

Savings: $40


9.) Buy restaurant coupons

Websites like offer discounts at more than 8,500 restaurants in the U.S. many of us may eat out twice a week, which can add up.

Savings: $120


10.) Give your razor blades some TLC

Disposable blades dull from rust, not use. Lengthen their lifespan — and cut the number you use by half — by shaking off excess water after each shave.

Savings: $12



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