Saxx’s New Sleepwear Will Make You Want to Wear Pajamas Again

Saxx Sleepwear Pajamas
Courtesy of Saxx

I don’t usually get too picky about what I wear to bed. For me, “pajamas” means a pair of old gym shorts and a tank top. But now that Saxx—purveyor of comfy men’s underwear—has released a new line of sleep- and loungewear, I decided to do something I haven’t done in at least a decade: Sleep in clothes that were actually designed for sleeping. The verdict? I’ve been missing out.

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What It Is:

The new collection includes the Snooze Pant, Sleepwalker Pant, and Sleepwalker top, available in both long and short-sleeve versions. The Snooze is a jogger-style pant with a drawstring waist and a tapered fit around the calves and ankles. The Sleepwalker Pant is closer to a pair of underwear, with a BallPark pouch and a more relaxed fit through the legs. The Sleepwalker tops also have a relaxed fit. They’re also tagless, which is greatly appreciated. They’re all crafted from a blend of modal (a natural fiber derived from beech trees) and spandex, which makes them soft and also very stretchy. They’ve got the Saxx hallmarks you love, like flat seams that are soft against your skin.

The Sleepwalker Pant Courtesy of Saxx

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Why We Like It:

All of these items are incredibly soft and comfortable (yes, even softer than my tried-and-true tank top and gym shorts). I also appreciated their flexibility and stretchiness, which meant they didn’t snag or constrict me no matter how much I tossed and turned in bed. Another big asset: They breathe well. I never wear pants to bed, even in the winter, because I can’t sleep if I’m too hot. But the Saxx pants and T-shirt were still comfortable even in my southern California apartment, which has no AC and averages around 78 degrees at night. I especially liked wearing the Snooze Pant while lounging around in the evening. The tapered fit felt supportive around my legs, and I liked the more trim look they provide.

The Snooze Pant Courtesy of Saxx


Although all the items were comfortable, the long sleeve shirt and pants combo was definitely too much coverage for me. I needed more bare skin to feel the breeze from the fan in my room. But for sleeping in colder weather (or if you just run cold at night), the long sleeve tee is a good option. Also note that these are best worn inside your home. I felt OK wearing the Snooze pants while letting my dog out in the morning, but I wouldn’t venture past my front door in the Sleepwalkers, which really do feel and look like underwear.

[Sleepwalker Pant: $65;]

[Snooze Pant: $65;]

[Sleepwalker Long Sleeve: $40;]

[Sleepwalker Tee: $38;]

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