Secret Agent Pants

Mj 618_348_secret agent pants

We all want secret agent pants. If you don’t, you’re lying. That’s probably because you are a secret agent and you don’t want your secret agent pants to be conspicuous. Either way, you’re in luck. Outlier, one of the best clothing companies on the face of the planet, has a pair of pants, the Ultralight Summer Trousers, that are swank enough for a cocktail party, and sufficiently durable to wear while ripping through south Indian rice fields on the back of a suped-up Kawasaki motorcycle – which is how we tested them. These pants also weigh less than any pair of shorts in your closet.

The four-way stretch construction means you can perform all the acrobatic stunts of Jason Bourne, without worrying about ripping the fabric. It also makes them incredibly reliable. We travelled around India for five months, scaling mountains (long-underwear required) and bushwhacking though steaming jungles in these pants – without a single tear. And after all the action, with a quick wash and a hang dry, they were ready for a swanky nightclub in Mumbai.

Like the high-tech paddleboard shorts and Outlier chinos we wrote about recently, the Climbers are made out of elegant material that’s treated with Schoeller NanoSphere, making them not only self-cleaning, but also almost impossible to stain (pouring some red wine on them did absolutely nothing, for example). A tight outer weave offers natural water resistance, and a loose inner weave reduces contact with the skin, keeping them exceptionally breathable. They come in two colors, gray and navy, which means they’ll look good in that dinner jacket when you blast through a glass window, to rescue the hostages, of course. [$188;]

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