‘Shameless Star’ Jake McDorman Shows Off the Best New Suit for Spring

‘Shameless Star’ Jake McDorman Shows Off the Best New Suit for Spring

To get rewards, you have to take risks. For example, when actor Jake McDorman joined the cast of Showtime’s Shameless in 2013, the producers asked him to sign a nudity clause. “Chances are we’re not gonna use it,” they told him. “And if we do, we’ll have a conversation about it.” When did that conversation happen?

“Episode 1!” McDorman says. But the experience motivated him to stay in shape year-round. And the role put him in the running for much bigger parts, like that of a Navy SEAL opposite Bradley Cooper in this month’s American Sniper, which required McDorman to step out of his comfort zone once again. “I had to wear a fat suit and an apparatus you put in your mouth that pumps your cheeks out,” he says. “I think the fat suit was what they put on Sienna Miller to make her look pregnant in the movie.”

To gain more weight, he even considered chugging melted ice cream, but Cooper advised against it: “You’ll just be throwing up rocky road while we’re on the beach in Malibu, and no one will want to hang out with you.” Wise words. 

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The suit: Calvin Klein

McDorman considers risk a part of his personal style, too. Take this sky-blue Calvin Klein number. “You could end up looking like Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber,” he says,“but I put the suit on, and it was rad. It’s true with fashion, acting, anything: Make sure it’s timeless, but at the same time, there’s got to be a little hint of risk.”

This suit is made from a cotton–elastic nylon that would be right at home in a pair of athletic shorts. It’s part of a growing trend in menswear: classic silhouettes cut in durable, comfortable fabrics to eliminate wrinkles and add mobility.

“These fabrics put a different spin on familiar items, making them feel new, masculine, and more interesting,” says Italo Zucchelli, men’s creative director at Calvin Klein and the suit’s designer. While you’re at it, step on the wild side with an eye-catching color for spring. “I like the vibrancy and optimism of bright blue,” says Zucchelli. “It’s fresh and looks good on almost everyone. It lifts your mood, just like the beginning of spring.” 

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