Shinola Just Launched its First Mechanical Watch, and it’s Stunning

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All Images Courtesy of Shinola

After six years of producing an array of sport and dress watches with quartz movements, Shinola made a major leap on Tuesday when it introduced its first timepiece with an mechanical movement—and its first dive watch.

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The Lake Erie Monster, produced in an individually numbered limited edition of 500, features the new Ronda Mecano R150 mechanical movement. Shinola, which has been in an exclusive partnership with Ronda since it made its first watch in 2011, was already working on the Lake Erie Monster when Ronda announced last year that it was “going mechanical” after three decades of focusing on battery-powered movements. Shinola plans to incorporate the movement into more watches in the future. (For those among us who aren’t horology nerds: quartz movements need batteries, which means they’ll eventually die, but mechanical movements wind themselves with the momentum of swinging back and forth on a wearer’s wrist. As long as you wear the Monster, or a watch like it, before its 40-hour power reserve runs out, it’ll keep ticking.)

“It’s a timepiece that really represents what people here at Shinola and in the city of Detroit are capable of,” said Jacques Panis, Shinola’s president, in an interview with Men’s Journal. “Putting together a watch of this caliber and of this sophistication speaks to the ingenuity here in this great city.”

The $2,250 watch is inspired by the legend of a Loch Ness-like monster first spotted in Lake Erie in 1894. Like the beast that inspired it, it’s not light—and at 43mm, it’s also not the smallest watch in the world, but it’s definitely not the biggest one Shinola produces. It comes packed with all the features you’d expect with a diving watch, including chunky Super-LumiNova indices that glow in the dark, and an unidirectional rotating bezel that helps you mark how long you’ve been underwater. It’s water resistant to an impressive 1,000 feet, and the back of the case pays homage to the monster itself. (You can switch out the stainless steel bracelet for either the rubber or tin cloth straps included, if you ever feel weighed down. The box also comes packed with a map of Lake Erie and a Princeton Tec diving flashlight, just in case you want to go in search of the monster in your free time.)

Another fun feature of this watch’s release? It’ll be the first wristwatch IPO on StockX, the world’s first stock market of things. Interested parties can bid on model 000/500 on the site starting today. But it looks like the bidding is already at $5,001, so unless having the first one to roll out of Shinola’s Detroit factory matters to you that much, you’re better served buying one online. 

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