Shock and Awe: Casio’s Rugged Adventure Watch Grows Up

Mj 618_348_casio gshock
Courtesy of Casio

As a brand that has come to define all things rugged and adventuresome, the Casio G-Shock, like many of its contemporaries, has had to mature as its core clientele grows up. Sure, the cult watch brand (which turned 30 last year) continues to attract legions of new customers — some of whom have tattooed G-Shock founder Kikuo Ibe’s signature on various body parts — but what’s a brand to do when the classic $200 Casio G-Shock just doesn’t cut it for the boardroom, or at dinner with the new mother-in-law? 

For its third incarnation into a more professional realm, and a continuing foray into the world of analog, Casio recently launched the MT-G Basel special limited edition G-Shock. A reflection of the electronic giant’s commitment to expanding its luxury watch division, the MT-G, or Metal Twisted G-Shock, makes a statement right off the bat thanks to a unique double IP treatment (roughly translated: heat, electricity, and chemicals combine to produce an appearance-only effect in the color of the metal surface). A top layer of gold IP, partially rubbed off, is applied on top of the base black IP layer and, voilà, the result is a burnished look that’s at once both vintage and modern — or “battle-scarred” for die-hards. And yes, it’s got the requisite atomic timekeeping, Triple G Resist (shock, vibration, and centrifugal force resistant), and is water resistant to 200 meters.

“This watch is for an elegant man, but one who has a tough mind,” says Shigenori Itoh, chairman and CEO of Casio’s timepiece division. Produced exclusively at Casio’s Yamagata, Japan factory, where all the premium styles are made, this model, in an edition of 500, is priced at — for G-Shock fans — an unheard of $1,500 (by comparison, the brand’s world’s-first GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid G-Shock comes in at $950). But for the amount of technological innovation packed into a massive 58.6mm case, it’s almost a bargain.

“We’ll always be a brand that never leaves its origins, but our customer evolves not only age-wise and financially, but from a technology standpoint,” says David Johnson, vice president of Casio America’s Timepiece Division. “We’ll grow with you, from cradle to grave.”

Available at Tourneau and the G-Shock NYC Soho store.

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