Should You Ever Wear Another Team’s Baseball Cap?

Remember that great red, white, and blue jersey the Chicago White Sox rocked in the 1980s and that logo with the silhouette of the baseball player? And that was before they switched to those black to silver trim uniforms and the black hat with the old English SOX logo, still one of the best looks in all of baseball in the Frank Thomas 1990s. It pains me to say this as a Chicago Cubs fan, but the Sox not only have a World Series win in my lifetime, but the Sox have also been winning the Chicago best uniform game against the Cubs for a long time as well.


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And now it's even better with the news that the team has signed Chance the Rapper up as the White Sox ambassador, and that they let him design three limited-edition New Era hats all featuring his take on the team’s iconic logos. All of which I'd gladly wear if I wasn't a diehard fan of the National League team from the north side of Chicago. 

Believe me when I say that I want to own them all, but I just can’t, it just wouldn't be right. All I can do is hope the Cubs follow suit and ask one of the team's celebrity fans like Bill Murray or Nick Offerman to maybe do something similar, although I imagine Offerman would probably want to fashion one out of wood or something. But if you’re a White Sox fan, or somebody who is fine with wearing the hat of a team you don’t like, then by all means consider trying to pick one up. Just be prepared to name a player or two from the current roster when somebody asks. 

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