SI Cover Model Nina Agdal Shares Her Swimsuit Advice

SI Cover Model Nina Agdal Shares Her Swimsuit Advice

This week, Sports Illustrated cover model Nina Agdal and Houston Rockets star Chandler Parsons teamed up to shoot hoops at fashion brand Op’s NYC event “Dunks for Donation,” a benefit for the Sustainable Surf charity. Men’s Fitness caught up with the Danish bombshell and the 6’9” forward to get their advice on being the summer’s best-looking beachcombers.

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Men’s Fitness: What advice do you have for guys who are pale going into summer?

If you want a really good tan, you should start with a spray tan then move into the sun for a little bit. Guys may feel spray tanning is taboo and think it’s a girl thing but you look better with it so why wouldn’t you do it?

What’s your favorite Op look for men?
I like the fact that Op has neutral colors like navy, black, and white. They have playful swimsuits and more basic pieces, too. If you’re out surfing and you want people to see you, a neon color would be fun. If you’re really comfortable, you can go for a Speedo. If you’re in shape, you can totally pull it off. If you go out in a Speedo and you have no confidence, it’s just going to be one big fail.

How should summer change men’s fashion?
It’s definitely the season to be more fun and be playful, but you have to be comfortable with it. If you feel like an idiot wearing neon yellow shorts, you shouldn’t wear them.

What about length of shorts?
Below the knee is not so attractive to me. I like it right over the knee. Have it fitted. I never really understood why guys wear boxers underneath swim trunks. In Denmark, people still do it. Just put on swim trunks that are a really nice fit for you. It’s important. Don’t you want to look good on the beach? That’s where you pick up the most girls. They’re in swimsuits, too.

What type of behavior on the beach is appealing?
The sand castle thing I wouldn’t do. It’s probably cute for some girls but for me it’s more about having fun, playing sports, being in the water, and being a little wild. That’s what summer is all about.

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Men’s Fitness: What do you think about Op’s apparel?
Chandler Parsons: I like Op’s different patterns and color combinations. You can mix and match different tops and shirts and it’s all at a very affordable price. I am a bright color guy. Being from Florida, I’m always on the beach and in the water. Their stuff is perfect for me. It’s comfortable.

What is your favorite Op piece?
For shorts, you can go with something louder, like a pattern or a plaid. They have different colors, like solid black, solid loud neon green, and orange. They have a lot of tops that match also. There are plain, very comfortable shirts that fit well, like pink, orange, and green that can go well with any of the bathing suits.

What advice do you have for guys looking to find their personal style?
Girls have their views. When guys put on an outfit, they’re trying to impress the female so you definitely take their advice. But at the same time, it’s all about confidence and how you carry yourself. If you have that passion to be brave or bold, you can really pull off anything.

Switching gears to fitness, what gives you the best results in the shortest amount of time?
The season is 82 games long, so it’s an all year process of keeping your body in the best shape. For me it’s just eating right, having a very strict diet, taking your supplements, and making sure you’re getting proper sleep to perform better on the court. There’s the whole other side of lifting with the strength coach and different exercises you can do to stay fit, strong, and lean, and a lot of stuff is injury prevention. 

Let’s say you have five minutes until a photo shoot. What would you do to get pumped?
You can’t lose with pushups. That will buff up your chest and arms. You can do inside and outside grip. If I wanted to get a little swole on, I would knock out some pushups or some dips to work your triceps. Those are different things you can do to make yourself look bigger than you actually are.

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