The Simplest Way to Protect Your Investments

Tech wallet rotator

You may not realize it, but some of the credit cards in your wallet are constantly broadcasting your information. The same technology that allows you to pay for your groceries or cover your cab fare swipe-free can also help thieves drain your account without even having to grab your wallet.

How’s it work? Outfitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, “touch free” cards feature a micro-chip and wire loop built into the plastic. When your credit card gets close enough to the magnetic field being generated by a swipe-free transaction station, the wire loop gets activated, the micro-chip is powered up, and your purchase is complete.

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The issue here is that some smart thieves have figured out ways to activate that micro-chip by simply brushing up against a passerby’s wallet with a device designed to swipe your information. If they manage to pull off the feat, it could be days before you realize what happened, and by the time you do, your funds will be long gone.

The good news: There are wallets out there that are designed to keep your money where it belongs–in your pocket. Even better, the wallets pull that off without looking like a science experiment gone horribly wrong. One such example is the RFID line from Wurkin Stiffs. They feature a thin alloy matrix fused between Italian calfskin leather, which blocks any passive (not initiated by you) credit card activations from happening. We like them because they pretty much just look like wallets—all the techy stuff is folded into the design.

Prices start at $40. Interested? Check them out here.

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