Stock Up for Summer: Deodorizing Body Wipes for Hot, Sweaty Days

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Maybe you hiked a 14er today. Maybe you crushed some singletrack trails. Maybe you simply feel super gross in the gnarly humidity. Whatever your reason, these Goodwipes Body Wipes for Men ($8) are at your service.

Incredibly sturdy, each large wipe measures 9.5” by 11.5”, giving you more mileage as you cleanse the grit of your day off in a few swift strokes. In addition to eliminating dirt, these tea tree oil–infused wipes (there’s also aloe, peppermint, and ginseng in the mix) are monsters at cleaning away sweat, oils, and funky body odor. The light, subdued scent is a nice touch since you’re likely using these guys as a temporary substitute for showering. Bonus: They’re also completely biodegradable.

Thanks to the formulation’s lack of alcohol, the product won’t dry out your skin or irritate sensitive areas. We also dig the fact that they’re as suitable for armpits as they are foot grime. They come individually wrapped, so you may want to dole out a few to fellow trail runners as you hit up that post-run brewery. 

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