Sunglasses That Give Back

Sunglasses That Give Back

Even though summer’s officially over, there’s no reason to put away the shades just yet. After all, the sun still shines bright during winter’s coldest months, and whether you want to block out the glare while driving or just want to look stylish year-round, a good pair of sunglasses can be a man’s best friend.

However, some sunglasses are much more than that.

If you’ve ever bought a pair of TOMS shoes, you know that for every pair purchased, a pair is donated to a child in need. The company also does the same kind of thing with sunglasses: When you buy a pair of glasses, TOMS will work to restore someone’s eyesight, whether through a pair of prescription eyeglasses, eye surgery, or medical treatment. The newest addition to their collection, TOMS Be Shady sunglasses, will be available for a limited time online starting Oct. 1, in order to drive awareness around World Sight Day on Oct. 10. They retail for a mere $55, a small price to pay for something that will ultimately go toward helping others as well as protecting your own eyes. Plus, you can’t go wrong with tortoise shell.

Since the company is working to promote a cause rather than just sell a product, TOMS is also asking that everyone wear sunglasses—of any kind—indoors on Oct. 10 to help spread the word about World Sight Day and how important it is to prevent blindness and maintain eye health. 

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