The Always Correct Watch


It should come as no surprise that this job has us traveling a lot. Landscapes zoom by, time zones change, and the calendar goes screwy. Thankfully, a modern spin on some old-school tech offers a solution to today’s hectic pace. Seiko’s Astron Solar GPS Watch, an update to its groundbreaking timepiece (the original, from 1969, was the world’s first quartz watch) maintains unrivaled chronological correctness thanks to the genius of Seiko’s engineers, who managed to pack a miniature, low-energy GPS receiver into this otherwise classic stainless steel accessory. So now, when you step off the plane, the Astron synchronizes with four satellites and instantly adjusts the date and the exact time. It’s a slick and handy feature, not least because it boosts accuracy to a mind-blowing one-second-per-100,000-years (that drops to 15-seconds-per-month if it isn’t in contact with a signal). Another plus: You never have to switch out the battery, as the watch’s face is a solar panel. And the perpetual calendar is accurate until February 2100, or, presumably, far enough into the future that your schedule should finally be clear. [From $1,950;]

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