The Bartender’s After-Hours Sneakers

Mj 618_348_tk tk cutty sark sneakers
Courtesy of Cutty Sark

What’s a bartender’s best friend? That trusty bottle opener? The hardworking barback? That loyal, over-tipping, half-drunk patron who’s been sitting in the same stool since opening night? Nope. The answer is always going to be shoes. If you’ve ever stood behind a bar or worked any service industry job that demanded you run around for hours on end, you know that keeping your feet comfortable and firmly planted can be the difference between a good night and one that ends with you going home in pain with less money in your wallet. 

Unfortunately, shoes designed for anyone busy slinging drinks and carrying beer kegs, while functional, typically end up looking like Crocs. You’re happy there’s a four-foot-high wall between you and judging eyes, so it makes sense that Scottish whiskey distiller Cutty Sark and LA-based shoe brand Generic Surplus would team up to design a pair of classically designed hi-tops that bartenders can be proud to wear while serving you, and then keep around when they head for that after-hours speakeasy you’ve been aiming to get into for weeks. 

Featuring a black leather upper with yellow top eyelets, a white leather heel counter, off-white laces, and non-slip vulcanized soles, and the Cutty Sark emblem subtlety embossed on the tongue, these sneakers are designed to let you run around all night while looking good and feeling comfortable no matter which side of the bar you happen to be standing on.

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