The Chicago Blackhawks Old School Winter Classic Jersey

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Spending the first day of the new year hungover and watching professional hockey players battle in the sport’s most natural setting, outdoors, has officially become a tradition since the NHL’s first Winter Classic in 2008. It’s like the league’s poet laureate/best announcer said during last year’s game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs: “This is a throwback to old times,” Doc Emrick said. “We have professional athletes wearing an extra layer of clothing, just like they did when they were kids. One difference is their Mom called them into dinner and that ended the game. This one is governed by referees and a clock. You throw in the uncertainty of the weather, a great old rivalry and a little eye black: It’s the best!”

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He’s right, of course — he usually is. The game is one big throwback, and that sort of event needs the appropriate jerseys to make things feel just right. The Washington Capitals, who are hosting this year’s match-up against the Chicago Blackhawks, already unveiled their sweaters, now their opponents from the Windy City are showing off the ones they’ll wear when they take the ice in Washington, DC.

One of the Original Six teams, the Blackhawks have nearly 90 years of history to reach back to when looking for a classic, old-school jersey. Since they already wore the 1936-37 jersey against Detroit when they played in the 2009 Classic (which Yahoo’s Greg Wyshynski called the best of all the outdoor jerseys), Chicago went back to another great season for the franchise, 1957, the rookie year of Bobby “The Golden Jet” Hull. 

Featuring lace-up collars and the tomahawk logo at the elbow in black and red instead of the modern yellow, red, and green, the jersey is simple and old school cool. They will serve as a great contrast to their opponents’ deep red jerseys, and help to make this another unforgettable Classic. 

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