The Cold-Weather Bomber Jacket


Canadians have a lot of incentive to make winter jackets look cool; they wear them for much of the year. But making a hip-looking coat is a delicate process. In order to narrow the profile, you have to remove insulation. In order to make it look urban, you have to shorten the jacket. Nobis, the Toronto-based company determined to make “cold-weather streetwear” less of an oxymoron, has mastered the art of practical compromise, and its Rusty jacket, an insulated bomber, is something of a masterpiece.

The polyurethane-coated nylon outer shell is quilted on the arms and the shoulders, which are marked by epaulets. Hand-warmer pockets are cut aggressively into the chest, and the collar buttons over the zipper, hiding it completely from view. The trim, forshortened design makes the jacket look, from afar anyway, as though it might be made of leather. If it were, it would get less use. Come late January or February, when you’ve had enough of Canadian Goose, this jacket – available in gray, white, and blue – is the perfect complement to a collared shirt worn over long underwear. [$500;]