The Comfortable, Stylish Way to Go Bald


No matter what magic potions people try and sell you, fighting baldness is usually a losing battle. It's often tough for men to admit this, but there's actually never been a better time to shave it all off than the present. Which is why you shouldn't do the power donut or rock a hat all the time, because being bald is badass (so says Walter White, Michael Jordan, etc.). Now there's a line of products designed just for guys who want to grab the Bic and take it all off. 


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Bee Bald is the creation of former lawyer Dennis Fisher, who started selling the pre-scrub exfoliating cream, shaving cream, and a daily moisturizer after he realized there just weren't many options for men who want to shave their heads. It's the type of thing that, at first, you might not think is necessary, but to anybody who shaves his head on even a semi-regular basis, you know you're dealing with a more sensitive area than your face; it slopes and curves, and you sweat from your head. Shaving it can be more painful, and if not treated properly, the hours after could leave you wincing from the irritations. Bee Bald is designed to combat all that using ingredients like honey extract, leaving the dome looking and feeling smooth without the burning sensation you might feel after dragging a piece of metal across your skin. When you're all done, the post-shave balm with its oat, arnica, goji berry, vitamin E, and licorice root help to sooth your skin, and leaves the top of your head feeling fresh and cool. 

Quality-wise, Bee Bald's products could go up against anything by Kiehl's, or the all-natural stuff you'd drop five times the money on. You could use one of those products to essentially get the same effect, although you'd have to experiment to see what exactly would work to get the same outcome as a set of products designed essentially for one purpose. The thing that truly sets these little yellow bottles apart, however, is the price: Bee Bald products will only run you $10. Considering you might shave your head two or three times a month at the most, it's pretty tough to beat that cost for the kind of quality this stuff offers. 

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