The Cure for Lunchtime Workout Hair

 Baxter of California

Squeezing in a gym session on your lunch hour is tight as it is — forget about the whole showering thing. Returning to your desk without looking like an overheated caveman is hard enough; that’s why we love Baxter of California’s new Clay Effect Style Spray ($27 at Nordstrom).

As the name suggests the product, which launched last month, gives you the hold and texture of Baxter’s hugely popular clay pomade with the easy application of a spray. Literally point, squirt, run hands through hair, and you’re set. The result is a natural lived-in, worked-through look — basically, a little law and order for your sweaty workout hair. So it’s ideal for the lunchtime gym visit.

You can use it post-shower and pre-hair dryer, but we love it best sprayed on right after exercise, and left to air dry. It takes 30 seconds and lets you get away with not showering (at least, as far as your hair goes). The hold is strong but the finish is natural, ideal when you’ve got another five hours and three work meetings to get through before calling it a day.

Of course, the Clay Effect Style Spray is not just for grooming shortcuts. The challenge with clay pomade is that is can weigh hair down, especially if you’re not starting with a whole lot to begin with. Transformed into a spray, however, the look is noticeably lighter and less aggressive. Like we said, the hold is still strong, so less is definitely more. If you have finer hair go with three pumps. Thicker or longer haired guys can use up to six pumps (more if you’re feeling brave).

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