The Efficient Traveler’s Wallet


When Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup, two Melbourn-based surfwear designers, got fed up with jumping back and forth over the chasm separating luxury goods and utilitarian accessories, they decided to lobby for the creation of handsome, practical goods. They took to the Internet – as people do – and started a blog called Carryology, which quickly found a sympathetic audience. Not content to complain about the problem (or recommend brands like KILLSPENCER trying to solve it), the duo founded a new company called Bellroy, which rapidly started creating innovative leather goods.

We like the Hide & Seek wallet, made from tanned vegetable leather, because it stays slim while simultaneously concealing all of our necessities while we’re on the road. What looks like a normal wallet from the outside, and inside, actually boasts a secondary pouch concealed beneath a lip of leather. It’s a great way to hide large bills while keeping change at the ready. Within the hidden flap there is also a tucked-away slot for emergency credit cards – think a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard.

Just behind the daily card section, on the inside of the main “revealed” money pouch, there is another discrete slot for the loyalty cards that can add so much bulk to a wallet. On the right flap is a spot for our driver’s license and behind that is a more protected slot for business cards. We no longer hand out cards with bent edges. This makes us look almost as slick as our Bellroy, which is already developing a delicate patina. We’ll be looking for more from the Carryology boys, but they’re off to a great start. [$90;]

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