The Everyday Camouflage Short

L.L.Bean Signature

For a pattern designed to help its wearer blend into the wilderness, duck camo has been spending a lot of time getting noticed. Amorphous blotches of tan and green have found invaded jackets, shoes, bags, and tees like multiplying bacteria. But as the print has moved out of the swamp and taken to the streets, some specimens have acquired clownish new colors and inexplicable flourishes – leaving us warier than the aforementioned waterfowl at the sight of them.

Luckily, L.L. Bean Signature has brought the trend back to its camouflage roots – with a casual twist. The print for the Maine uber-outfitter’s Upland Camo Fatigue Shorts comes from an old field jacket discovered in the company archives. The nature-tested pattern lets you look like a man preparing for the wild, not preening for a selfie. And paired with a button-up or basic tee, it’s perfect for all sorts of urban adventures, say, camping out at a beer garden or forging a trail to the backyard grill.

And the shorts’ rugged look is paired with an unexpectedly soft finish. That’s where you’ll certainly have one up on the duck hunters, crouching in wait in some autumnal marsh. The enzyme-washed canvas of the shorts is so wonderfully worn that you’ll be comfortably prepared for whatever stretches of stillness or bursts of activity – that beer isn’t going to refill itself – summer afternoons may bring. [$59,]

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