The Everyday Leather Bag


We know you’re busy. After all, life’s a journey, and you’re making a lot of stops these days: to work and the gym every day, from one coast to the other for business, vacations, staycations, romantic dinner dates, and non-romantic court dates. And sure, you’re hauling nice stuff with you – congrats on that. But that ratty canvas bag with the frayed strap? Not cutting it anymore in the carry-on department.

Enter the multi-purpose C7 Overnight Duffel, our favorite carryall from New York-based label Haerfest. Launched by siblings Tim and Dan Joo, Haerfest (pronounced Harvest) draws its inspiration from frequent travelers who value durability, quality craftsmanship, and, most of all, beauty in simplicity. But above all else, it’s the brand’s zero-maintenance-required rule that won us over. “A combination of choice materials and quality craftsmanship means this actually ages, becoming more appealing after repeated use,” says brother Tim.

Stuck with a wish list of goodies to bring home for your buddies? This 1960’s-minimalist-inspired line is large enough to fit four days worth of goods, with a just enough space left over to tuck away an empty backpack or tote, making the potential for mobile refinement limitless. So bon voyage, and bring us back something nice, will you? [$625;]

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