The Eye Cream For When It’s a Triple-Snooze-Button Morning

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In your dreams, the alarm goes off and you launch yourself out of bed, eager to take on the day ahead. In reality, a good morning is when you hit “Snooze” once, maybe twice, before stumbling toward the coffee. On three-snooze mornings — the ones where even espresso ain’t gonna cut it — you need outside help.

Consider Anthony Wake Up Call ($38 at Birchbox) Hydrating Treatment Gel your secret weapon on days when your energy needs a major boost. This easy to apply face gel is made of many things, but for your purposes, what you need to know is that it contains caffeine, which works on your skin much in the way your morning Joe does on your brain: reinvigorating tired, worn-out cells. In scientific terms, caffeine has been shown to stimulate circulation, meaning it helps get the blood flowing, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to areas that need a little encouragement.

Other active ingredients in Wake Up Call include Green Tea, an antioxidant which can reduce the bags below your eyes and general face puffiness, and cactus flower extract, a natural hydrator that makes even the most stressed-out skin look like you’ve had your solid eight hours even when you were out til 4. In addition, the gel is made with menthol, which gives your face a tingly kick and helps firm any saggy spots. (Kind of like the buzz you get from an aftershave.)

To use, simply apply in circular motions after you wash your face first thing in the morning. If you need another pick-me-up by lunchtime, do it again. Although there’s no harm in using it as your daily moisturizer; most guys find they get the biggest bang for their buck by breaking out the Wake Up Call on occasions that demand an energy re-boot.

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