The Happy Man’s Shades

Mj 618_348_the happy mans shades

Between teaming up with Uniqlo to create the perfect polo and posing in the latest issue of ‘Men’s Journal,’ Michael Bastian has been having a great year. And the good times roll on thanks to the impressive results of the designer’s collaboration with the classic sunwear company Randolph Engineering – frames that, at their best, embrace the clear plastic trend without sacrificing functionality or masculinity. Dubbed the JD Sun, these new glasses offer a break from glare without obscuring their owners’ perfectly tanned faces.

Though JD Suns also come in the predictable tones – tortoise shell, black – we recommend springing for clear polycarbonate frames. The crystal specs are more complimentary, a bit more fun than the other options, and shockingly light. This is partially because they aren’t chunky and because they’re on the smaller side for men’s glasses. At 47mm, JD Suns are perfect for the sort of men with slightly small faces (or slightly smaller heads) who never look good in bigger frames.

The clean lines and brightness of the frames pair nicely with Randolph’s gray lenses, which keep out 100 percent of UV rays. The combination of two lighter shades is compelling on men with darker or longer hair. If the job of sunglasses is to make a man look moody and mysterious on a sunny day, then these glasses fail utterly. They give wearers a cheerful aspect. That said, as fashionable as they certainly are, Bastian’s glasses don’t look like your wife’s clear frames.

They look better. [$240;]

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