The Lightweight Camo Pack

Mj 618_348_the lightweight camo pack

On the off chance you haven’t been following the latest fashion trends and runway shows, allow us to fill you in: Camouflage is big. Shirts, shorts, shoes, T-shirts; even suits are being run up in various stages of run-through-the-jungle prints. What’s behind this expansion-in-disguise is anyone’s guess, but it’s a growing movement that runs the gamut of taste from spot-on to, frankly, a bit too-cool-for-school.

Design juggernaut Incase, we’re happy to report, has nailed the trend perfectly in four new backpacks, from two sizes of bifurcated digital camera carrying cases to big and not-so-big carrying packs. We’re particularly fond of the Campus Pack, which boasts a faux-fur-lined compartment that’s perfectly sized for a 15-inch MacBook Pro, not to mention an interior pocket sized for an iPad (along with quick-access outer pockets for cell phones, plane tickets, and the like). An added bonus: Given that the lower third or so of the pack is rendered in blaze orange, your laptop and iPad should be safe throughout deer-hunting season as well. [$59.95;]

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