The Modern Man’s After Shave


While you may enjoy the revitalizing sting of the traditional splash, alcohol-based aftershaves can dry out your face and even irritate the skin enough to cause ingrown hairs. Balms, like Thalgo Men Aftershave Balm ($49 from Amazon), soothe burns and hydrate skin without alcohol. And without the sting.

More of a skincare product than merely a shaving accessory, Thalgo utilizes mineral-rich blue algae sourced from Oregon’s Klamath Lake (they even have a trademark on their “Vital Blue Algae”). While we’ve never bathed in these restorative waters (local Native American tribes apparently do, for the lake’s alleged soothing effects), the blue algae certainly makes for a moisturizing post-shave experience. Thalgo also claims that blue algae promotes skin cell renewal and fights cellular stress. The verdict’s still out on that one, but we’re loving the quick-absorbing formula and the fact that it leaves zero trace of oily film.

To calm skin irritation and razor burn, apply a pea-sized amount or so immediately after shaving. While this balm is an ace at promoting soft, smooth skin, you may want to pair it with one of these all-natural shaving products to boost its effects, especially if you have sensitive skin.

And if you’re really into the whole “Vital Blue Algae” thing but aren’t making it out to the Cascade Range anytime soon, a suite of their men’s face care products, from facial cleanser to their fantastic Anti-Fatigue Serum for Eyes, all contain the potent ingredient.

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