The Modern Vintage Sunglasses

Courtesy of SALT Optics

There’s something to be said for simplicity and that something is: “It looks better on your face.” SALT Optics, the California-based brainchild of a crafty group of friends, makes simple glasses for men who want a classic look. The specs may be an homage to bespectacled movie stars like Gregory Peck and Steve McQueen, but their affect is more clean and modern than vintage. The brand’s Lodin frames, in particular, ooze a timeless cool when fitted with Grey Gradient sunglass lenses.

The Oiled Bark Fade, SALT’s take on the two-toned style that seems increasingly popular, complements the shape of the frames perfectly. The strong lines at the top of the frame play off the classic tortoiseshell, while the more modern transparent acetate at the bottom contrasts with the old-school curves. The glasses are understated, but make the wearer look a bit more knowing than he otherwise might be.

Compared to weightier aviators, SALT’s glasses are light as can be, meaning you may forget you’re wearing them – even if no one else does. The main reason the Lodins are so light is actually the lenses, which are made from ultra-lightweight PFV Polarized CR-39 material that filters out certain types of sunlight to reduce glare. The effect is shockingly clear and vaguely reminiscent of seeing an old movie in HD for the first time – jarring at first, but you learn to adjust.

And you’ll look like you belong in the film. There is surely something to be said for that. [$400;]

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