The Moisturizer Your Rough Skin Needs

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When it comes to vanity fears, going bald and turning grey take top honors among men. Dry skin? Okay, maybe not at the northern end of your list. But it should be, since lack of proper moisturizing speeds up the onset of fine lines and wrinkles.

So what’s holding you back from doing the daily lube? One of the biggest gripes men have with lotion is the way it goes on goopy and makes the skin feel slimy and greasy for the rest of the day. Throw in a little sweat, and it’s a definite deterrent to making a moisturizing part of your morning routine.

With the right stuff, you can quench your parched skin and not feel like you just slathered your forehead with butter. What you need is Bulldog Skincare for Men’s Original Moisturiser ($10 at Amazon). Created by British founder Simon Duffy, it contains eight essential oils (different than the type of oil that clogs your pores), green tea, green algae, vitamin E, and a host of other good-for-your face ingredients that work together to rehydrate and protect the skin. The stuff has a light, fresh masculine scent, thanks to its blend of citrus top notes and base notes of cedarwood and earthy vetiver.

But most important is what it doesn’t have: A thick oil base that causes the greasiness you hate. It won’t run, streak, or clog your pores. It won’t feel heavy or smell fruity. In fact, five minutes after application, we bet you’ve forgotten that you’ve even used it. So change your morning routine, and fight the aging process with all you’ve got. got.

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