The Off-season Loop Buckle

Mj 618_348_the offseason loop buckle
Courtesy Barney's

The loop-buckle belt is a summer wardrobe staple. Worn on Fridays and yachts, the double rings do a great job of adding a little flare to piqué polos and linen pants. Then, come winter, they get pulled from the rotation. This is a mistake and a pity. Loop buckles solve a number of seasonal problems.

The main reason you’ll want to wear a loop-buckle belt around the holidays is that it offers flexibility. If the excesses of Thanksgiving and Christmas go straight to your waste, no problem. More important, though, the belt will work with both your jeans and with the thicker trousers you bring up from the basement or down from the attic. They also suggest a weather-be-damned attitude that is a bit of a relief when everyone is trending towards hibernation.

The trick to wearing loop-buckle belts is not to overthink it. That should be easy enough. J.Crew has a two-tone brown suede option that looks great with a chambray shirt and chukka boots. Black Fleece – the higher-end Brooks Brothers line designed by Thom Browne – always knocks it out of the park with handsome loop-buckle belts. And Barneys makes a killer Double O-Ring Belt (pictured) in supple black leather with silver hardware that pairs perfectly with a bomber if you’re looking to get a bit more aggressive with your look. It’s hard to go wrong as long as you bring a summer mind-set to winter dressing. [Barneys belt $125;]

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