The Perfect Summer Belt


Among the belts every man should own belongs the classic and versatile woven stretch belt. It’s a style that bridges the gap between dressy and casual and puts the finishing touch on any weekend outfit, whether we’re wearing jeans, chinos, or shorts. Woven belts are great over the long haul since they don’t use holes; instead, the prong is inserted between the webbing anywhere along the length of the belt.

We’re fond of most everything from Ted Baker London, with its reliance on quality materials and an eye for detail. The Leonard (above, $75 at Zappos) is our favorite woven stretch belt from Ted, with its nicely shaped brass buckle, deep-brown leather trim, and dark navy woven nylon strap. Same holds true for the dapper Twizzer (below, $75 at Nordstrom), which comes in gray or this ideal-for-summer purple.


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So after you’ve eaten that “free” 72-ounce steak at a roadside grill or gorged yourself on fried clams at the shore, your stretch belt is here to give a little when you need it most. And it will still be with you long after you get back to fighting trim. 

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