The Perfect Summer Pajamas Are On Sale Now


Nothing’s better than lounging around on a weekend morning in a nice pair of cotton pajamas with the newspaper (or digital equivalent) and a coffee. It always makes us feel like we’re starring in our own classic Hollywood flick, as if we’re Cary Grant or William Powell, spouting witty aphorisms while nibbling toast.

Brooks Brothers does pajamas right. They feature classic tailoring that says “manly” rather than “I’ve given up on life.” And they’re comfortable and light enough to last through till fall. They’re made of 100 percent cotton and feature a button-front top and drawstring bottoms.

Right now, you can pick up some sharp red Tartan jammies for $59 instead of the usual $98.50 at And if you really hurry, you get to take another 25 percent off the sale price at checkout. Not all the styles are included in the sale, but there are several options, including a plaid navy/green version called Black Watch. If you’re into basic T-shirt/pant combos, there are a few of those on sale this weekend as well.

But hey, it’s Brooks Brothers — so why not go for the full leading-man steez and get your new jammies monogrammed for $12? You may find yourself wearing them all weekend long, or making excuses to step outside just to show off to the neighbors.